A competition to see who has the most effective demo? Count us in.

If you’ve never heard of Salesforce AppExchange’s Demo Jam, it’s essentially just that — a game show-style event in which app partners get to show off their demo and hope to beat out their competitors.

Competitors get up to three minutes to showcase their most compelling demo. After all of the live demos from the four-six competitors have been shown, AppExchange attendees get to vote for their favorite. 

Recently, Ordergroove’s own Andrew Magne won the demo challenge with his crisp, efficient overview of our platform. We’ve always believed that our team members give exceptional demos, so it was especially rewarding to see Andrew’s skill and expertise recognized by the attendees.

Learn more about Demo Jam here, and as always, feel free to request one of our standout demos yourself to get more information about Ordergroove’s one-of-a-kind Relationship Commerce program.