From seven clicks,
to zero clicks.

This is Relationship Commerce.


[ ree-lay-shuhn-ship kom-ers ]


The next evolution of commerce focused on developing deeper relationships with consumers - moving them from one-and-done transactions to ongoing, frictionless relationships - resulting in predictable recurring revenue and higher customer lifetime value.“

Commerce is changing

Commerce is changing Commerce is changing

30 years ago, brands knew very little about their customers. Today, thanks to the rise of Direct to Consumer (DTC) commerce, brands can create personalized shopping experiences with first-party customer data. While powerful, these interactions are still largely transactional. Consumers jump easily from one brand to another, because there’s no reason to stay.

This lack of brand loyalty creates challenges for you and your consumers

Brand Challenges
  • Saturated markets make it hard to gain brand loyalty
  • Customer acquisition costs outpace customer lifetime value
  • Sales and customer retention are unpredictable
Customer Pain points
  • Don’t have time to shop for the things they want and need
  • Frustrated when they run out of a product
  • Overwhelmed with options

Relationship Commerce brings merchants and consumers closer together, and everyone wins

For merchants
For consumers
Satisfied and loyal customers
Convenient and friction-free shopping
Predictable recurring revenue
Cost savings and loyalty rewards
Improved customer acquisition costs and lifetime value
More time for what matters most

Relationship commerce is the future of commerce

Relationship commerce meets consumers where they’re at – replacing lengthy, multi-step checkout experiences with automated shipments and effortless ordering. Merchants can better anticipate their customers’ needs and make their lives easier.

Adopt the Relationship Commerce lifecycle

Keep customers engaged and strengthen customer relationships with on-demand & subscription offers. These interconnected experiences offer customers value and flexibility at every stage of their journey with your brand.

"There is no one better equipped to handle Dollar Shave Club’s scale, depth, and innovation than Ordergroove. To deliver on our mission, we partnered with the most powerful and flexible subscription platform out there."

Ranil Wiratunga, Chief Digital Officer & Global GM of DTC

“Since signing, the support from Ordergroove has been awesome. It is clear that customer service is part of Ordergroove’s culture in a way that it’s not with other platforms we talked to.”

Jens Nicolaysen, Co-founder & CMO, Shinesty

“The Ordergroove family is full of passion and the results we’ve seen have been incredibly powerful. We have confidence that our subscription program will grow tenfold as customers continue to embrace curated experiences.”

Justin Swenson, VP of eCommerce, DTC, & Digital Technology

We’re transforming commerce one relationship at a time

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