Dial up the personalization on subscriber SMS and emails with the Ordergroove x Attentive integration

Today, we’re excited to share our enhanced integration with Attentive, offering merchants a whole new level of personalization capabilities to unlock peak lifetime value from subscribers.

With higher customer acquisition costs than ever to offset and consumer spending limitations to overcome, more and more merchants are prioritizing strategies that improve customer loyalty and recurring revenue.

To that end, many brands and retailers have already launched a subscription experience and discovered that subscribers are not only their most loyal customers, but far surpass all other customer segments in terms of lifetime value. But in return for their loyalty, subscribers expect a world class, seamless, and personalized subscription experience that extends to personalized communications.

Meeting those expectations across so many customer touchpoints isn’t always easy — but that’s exactly where Attentive excels. Their customer communication tools make it easy for merchants to take the scale of their personalized communications to new heights. And thanks to the new and improved integration with Ordergroove, merchants can further personalize their SMS and email customer communication using in depth subscription data.

Ordergroove’s integration with Attentive stands out as the most data-driven on the market with capabilities like:

  • Seamless synching of 24 events like subscriber cancellation and order modifications like shipment frequency, so brands can respond in kind with tailored communications.
  • Triggering coordinated SMS and email messages throughout the full customer journey based on Ordergroove data, so subscribers receive the right message at the right time — and through the right channel.
  • Giving customers the power to control their subscriptions with 1-click actions — dynamic URLs that can be included in SMS and email communications that enable customers to modify their subscriptions with a single click — so they can delay an upcoming order, add items to an upcoming order or reactivate a canceled subscription quickly and efficiently.

Early adopters are already seeing a positive impact on retention and recovered revenue from tailoring their messaging to the exact actions subscribers take.

For example, brands using the Ordergroove and Attentive integration are seeing a combined 85x ROI on their welcome, browse, cart, and checkout abandonment SMS journeys for subscribers — and abandoned cart reconversion rates at 25%, much higher than category average!

The sky’s the limit for personalized messages (and recurring revenue) once brands integrate Ordergroove with Attentive. Popular use cases include:

  • Boost subscription enrollment by targeting repeat buyers for subscription: Use purchase behavior data and Ordergroove subscriber status to target messaging to repeat buyers who are not yet subscribers, encouraging them to enroll in a subscription.
  • Expand subscriber average order value (AOV) by sending order reminders with 1-click upsell: Use the Ordergroove order reminder event to create a journey reminding subscribers about their upcoming order. With a 1-click upsell, subscribers can add items to their upcoming subscription order.
  • Reactivate canceled subscribers: Create a winback journey targeting former subscribers. This can be personalized based on the customer’s reason for canceling their subscription, and include a 1-click action for a frictionless reactivation.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: scalability and reliability are paramount here at Ordergroove. The same holds true for our Attentive integration, ensuring all subscriber events and data attributes are synchronized in real-time with the highest data integrity.

If you’d like to try out the Ordergroove x Attentive integration for yourself, our Knowledge Center article on the topic is here to help you get started — and you can find instructions for setting up popular flows here.

And if you’d like to see the integration in action and learn more about Ordergroove, you can always request a demo.

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