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Build and bundle with joy featured image

Build and bundle with joy

Offer more subscription variety and value by enabling customers to build their own box. It’s a powerfully effective way to sell more products with minimal marketing.

Personalize with curation featured image

Personalize with curation

Help customers discover and enjoy new products. Create personalized subscription boxes based on previous order history, inventory status, and new product releases.

Help customers discover products they’ll love featured image

Help customers discover products they’ll love

Create guided selling quizzes to help shoppers discover products that meet their personal preferences. Quizzes improve product awareness and save subscribers time and effort. Convenient, delightful, and a smart way to sell.

Turn shoppers into members featured image

Turn shoppers into members

Roll out a VIP experience with subscription memberships. Enrolled members gain special access to products, resources, and experiences. Merchants gain a flexible way to engage customers and drive revenue.

We power subscriptions for the world’s fastest-growing brands

KIND Snacks grows online revenue by 50%

KIND leveraged Ordergroove’s APIs to build a custom front-end and provide the exact customer experience they wanted, allowing shoppers to easily choose the products they love. Since partnering with Ordergroove, KIND’s subscriber base has grown by over 50%. Upsell conversion rates are as high as 21% and Average Order Value (AOV) has subsequently increased 24%.

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