Offer next-level subscription support with the Ordergroove x Gorgias integration

Have you heard about our integration with Gorgias?

It helps merchants improve customer satisfaction by dialing up resolution efficiency on subscription-related support inquiries — both of which are instrumental for better retention and lifetime value (LTV).

Convenience matters to consumers, and customer support efficiency can make or break whether merchants deliver it. But streamlining customer support also reduces operational costs for merchants, allowing them to drive more ROI from their subscription experiences.

That’s why we recently enhanced our integration, empowering brands to seamlessly connect Ordergroove and Gorgias to access subscription data and customer support tickets all in one place.

Now it’s easier than ever for subscription merchants to offer next-level support that keeps customers happier, and coming back for life!

The Ordergroove x Gorgias integration streamlines your customer support efforts

  • Simplified integration setup: Hit the ground running with a smooth and hassle-free setup process you can complete in seconds.
  • Comprehensive customer insights: Convenient for customers and agents alike, Ordergroove widgets make detailed subscription statuses, order histories, and upcoming orders accessible — and editable — within Gorgias alongside customers and tickets. No more toggling between tabs to find relevant information.
  • Efficient subscription order modifications: Enable easy subscription adjustments to address customer needs faster than ever before.
  • Proactive service: Gain visibility into upcoming orders to solve problems before they occur and dazzle subscribers with proactive support assistance.

Never forget: A unified experience for your team means a seamless experience for your subscribers.

And you can maximize operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by keeping dynamic subscription data alongside customer support tasks in one centralized place with our Gorgias integration.

A look inside the Ordergroove widgets available in Gorgias

The Active Subscriptions widget makes all active subscription data accessible and actionable for agents right within Gorgias, driving more efficient resolutions — and more happy customers.

The widget gives agents visibility into the subscription’s status, start date, product SKU, quantity, frequency, and whether the subscription is prepaid. They can also modify the frequency, quantity, and even cancel active subscriptions right within Gorgias — or navigate directly to customer pages in Ordergroove for additional actions.

With the Upcoming Orders widget, support teams have the power to prevent customer issues before they happen with visibility into every detail about upcoming subscription orders — from the scheduled order date and shipping amount, to discounts applied and the order’s subtotal.

Agents can modify the subscription order date, send the order now, or skip it altogether, without ever leaving Gorgias.

The Inactive Subscriptions widget not only helps customers easily reactivate their subscriptions, but sets up your support team to drive more revenue.

With visibility into the inactive subscriptions a customer has with Ordergroove — including the subscription’s status, start date, cancel date, reason for cancellation, product SKU, quantity, frequency, and whether the subscription was prepaid — agents can use this widget to reactivate subscriptions directly in Gorgias.

And finally, the Past Orders widget shows agents details about all of the previous successful subscription orders for a given customer — including the dates orders were created and sent, discount amount, shipping amount, subtotal, and tax — alongside customer details and ticket information inside Gorgias.

As a result, support teams can give customers the answers they need quickly and accurately, keeping customers happy — and growing their LTV.

Ready to take subscription support to the next level?

If you’d like to try out the Ordergroove x Gorgias integration for yourself, our Knowledge Center article on the topic is here to guide you through your quick and easy integration setup — and you can find more info on the Ordergroove widgets now available inside Gorgias here.

Want to see the integration in action and learn more about Ordergroove? You’re always welcome to request a demo here.

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