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"There is no one better equipped to handle Dollar Shave Club’s scale, depth, and innovation than Ordergroove. To deliver on our mission, we partnered with the most powerful and flexible subscription platform out there."

Ranil Wiratunga, Chief Digital Officer & Global GM of DTC, DollarShaveClub

Beauty & Personal Care

Tailor-made for beauty and personal care brands

Create a personalized subscription journey that enhances your brand and grows customer lifetime value. We have everything covered, from subscribe-and-save to bundles, memberships, and beyond.

Refreshing deals to boost subscriber enrollment

Encourage enrollment by offering free gifts with purchase on beauty and personal care items, introducing customers to new products for future purchases.

Grow your subscriber base

Launch a smooth subscription experience

Harness the power of our flexible developer-friendly APIs to create memorable subscription journeys. Launch a more personable experience with guided quizzes that tailor product recommendations based on their answers.

Create memorable experiences

Highlight more revenue opportunities

Dive deep into retention metrics, churn rates, and more with on-demand cohort analytics to identify growth opportunities and inform your recurring revenue strategy.

Increase retention & revenue

Flawless implementations and ongoing support

Ordergroove integrates seamlessly with all Commerce platforms. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless and successful launch, and ongoing growth.

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How Furtuna Skin reduced their subscriber churn by 50% in 3 months

Furtuna Skin launched in 2019 to rave reviews and quickly built a loyal customer base. To ensure their shoppers always had access to their favorite beauty products, Furtuna Skin implemented subscriptions on Recharge later that year. However, their subscriptions didn’t grow as rapidly as they had hoped. The reason? Their subscription partner delivered a poor subscriber experience. To achieve their goals, Furtuna Skin needed to migrate to a new subscription platform.

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How Furtuna Skin reduced their subscriber churn by 50% in 3 months Featured Image

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