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Create and launch custom subscription experiences that pivot and scale as you do.

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Relationships = new revenue streams

Get more value per visit

Transform the shopping experience from one-and-done transactions to ongoing relationships. Boost customer retention, lifetime value, and recurring revenue with each and every order.

Scale subscriptions on Shopify Plus with ease

You need software that can keep up with the business. Ordergroove was purpose-built to support fastest-growing Shopify Plus brands. Our fully integrated checkout and customizable subscriber management interface deliver a delightful subscriber experience that maximizes subscriber enrollment and retention and is easy to manage as you grow.

Accurately forecast recurring revenue and performance

See all of your subscription data in one easy-to-understand dashboard. Track retention KPIs and analyze customer churn rates to identify where you’re winning and where you need to take action.

Inspire customers to subscribe

Leverage out-of-the-box promotions to deliver valuable subscription incentives. Looking to create even more sophisticated experiences? Our developer-friendly framework and APIs enable you to create guided selling quizzes that drive further engagement and enrollment for your Shopify Plus subscriptions.

Handle all payments with care

Ordergroove is payment agnostic: we can support all payment processors that work with Shopify. Via Shopify payments, we support transactions via credit cards, Shop Pay, Apply Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

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From the very beginning, Ordergroove was built to integrate into Shopify’s checkout and support the world’s fastest-growing merchants. Move to Ordergroove to create unique experiences that drive value for everyone.

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OLLY grew their subscribers base by 73% in 12 months thanks to Ordergroove

OLLY believes that daily vitamins should taste great and respond to specific customer needs like better mood and sleep. When the vitamin brand recognized they needed a healthier subscription program, they tapped Ordergroove to give their subscribers more control.

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OLLY grew their subscribers base by 73% in 12 months thanks to Ordergroove Featured Image

Thousands of merchants have already switched to Ordergroove.

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