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News / August 10, 2018

Food Fight

Solving the last-mile could prove all-important for grocery chains

Whether it was a baby-faced Ron Howard singing about the Wells Fargo wagon in The Music Man, or Pee Wee's excitement at seeing Reba the Mail Lady (played by a baby-faced S. Epatha Merkerson), we've always been excited at the prospect of something delivered to our front door.   

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News / August 8, 2018

Echo’s Answer

Is voice commerce the secret to better retailer/customer relationships?

As voice-controlled devices have become ubiquitous in consumers’ homes, cars, and offices,  retailers are naturally exploring their options to have a voice in the crowd. After all, what better way to eliminate hurdles in online ordering than letting loyal customers simply declare "Alexa, reorder paper towels."

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subscription commerce / August 1, 2018


Subscriptions drive customer lock-in, but that's not necessarily bad for the customers. 

In a recent op-ed over at The New York Times, University of Chicago economics professor Austan Goolsbee sounded an alarm around customer lock-in, the phenomenon where consumers rely on a single retailer for products or services because of high switching costs.

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News / July 24, 2018

Prime Numbers

Why Amazon's loyal subscribers didn't worry about tech glitches on Prime Day.

At the stroke of noon (Portland-time) on July 16, Amazon officially launched Prime Day, their annual attempt to digitize the stampede-inducing sales of Black Friday. Their efforts proved all too successful, with hordes of bargain-hunters trampling Amazon's servers and promptly flattening the site. 

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Pillpack / July 18, 2018

pharm Team

What Amazon's acquisition of PillPack really means. 

 On June 28, Amazon announced the acquisition of online pharmacy PillPack. And thus the company shouldered its way into yet another industry.

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News / July 12, 2018

Jetlore, PayPal, and the Dream of Frictionless Retail

Acquisition shows the growth of relationship commerce.

Retail is changing, and it’s changing fast. From the robots that are helping us manage supply chains; to the sensors that drive self-checkout, to the algorithms that  are helping optimize our inventory decisions, there’s not one part of the industry that’s not being transformed by technology.

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"relationship commerce" / July 11, 2018

What is Relationship Commerce?

Welcome to the next generation of retail.

 The future of shopping is, quite simply, not shopping.

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