Craft personalized subscriber SMS and email with Ordergroove-Klaviyo integration

We’re excited to announce our new and improved Klaviyo integration that gives merchants unparalleled personalization capabilities to maximize subscriber lifetime value.

In an era of escalating customer acquisition costs and reduced consumer spending, merchants are increasingly focusing on strategies to enhance customer loyalty. If you’re like many brands and retailers, then you’ve likely already implemented a subscription experience and have found that your subscribers are your best, most loyal customers and that their lifetime value outpaces that of all other customers. But, you may have also found that they are demanding.

Subscribers want an outstanding, frictionless, and personalized experience that gives them maximum control but takes little time or effort to manage and update. This is where Klaviyo shines – their deep bench of tools empowers you to deliver personalized communications with your subscribers at scale. With Ordergroove’s new Klaviyo integration, you now have a breadth of events and data about your subscribers automatically synced into Klaviyo. You can use it to craft unique flows and personalized campaigns that allow your subscribers to update and manage their orders in seconds.

Ordergroove’s new Klaviyo integration is the most data-rich on the market, allowing you to:

  • Sync 24 subscription-related events, including subscriber cancellation data or subscription edits like frequency, so you can send highly personalized communications.
  • Coordinate email and SMS: Leveraging Ordergroove data, you can send coordinated email and SMS messages in Klaviyo throughout the entire customer journey. This ensures that the right message reaches subscribers at the right time and through their preferred communication channel.
  • Include granular data attributes like reasons for cancellation to allow truly personalized emails and SMS.
  • Easily find and create personalized flows with intuitively named events and data attributes.
  • Craft effective and efficient campaigns with reliable customer tagging (e.g., subscriber vs. former subscriber).

The best part yet? Ordergroove’s 1-Click actions allow merchants to power seamless, one-click experiences for subscribers without requiring a subscriber to log in! This means your subscribers can easily delay an upcoming shipment and reactivate a canceled subscription with just one click, driving higher conversion of your flows and boosting customer happiness.

Once you’ve integrated Ordergroove with Klaviyo, the opportunities to deliver personalized communications that grow recurring revenue are endless. Some of the most popular use cases include personalized flows that:

  • Drive subscriber activation: Identify customers who have made multiple repeat purchases and are strong candidates for subscription enrollment. Tailor messaging to educate them about the benefits of joining the subscription program and simplify the sign-up process.
  • Improve subscriber retention: Engage new subscribers with compelling content that informs and excites them about their subscription. This helps establish positive behaviors within the subscriber base and enhances retention rates.
  • Increase average order value (AOV): Connect with existing subscribers and remind them about the option to add products to their upcoming subscription orders. Recommend products based on their subscription purchases or past browsing history, thereby increasing AOV.
  • Reduce subscriber churn: Implement triggered messages to subscribers when specific actions occur, such as skipped orders or approaching credit card expiration. Create a frictionless experience by enabling subscribers to manage their subscriptions effortlessly, such as changing their next order date, with a single click.
  • Win back lost subscribers: Reach out to customers who have previously canceled their subscriptions. Utilizing the cancellation reason available within Klaviyo, businesses can send personalized messages aimed at reactivating subscriptions with a single click. For instance, if a subscriber canceled due to pricing concerns, offering them discounted pricing can be a compelling incentive for reactivation.

As with everything we do at Ordergroove, scalability and reliability are of utmost importance to us, which is also true for our new Klaviyo integration. What this means for you is that all subscriber events and data attributes are synced in real time and with the highest data integrity.

To learn more details about our new Klaviyo integration, check out our complete guide to getting started. Details on how to set up some of the most popular flows can be found in our Knowledge Center article about the topic, and a guide to setting up 1-Click in your email flows can be found here. If you’d like to learn more about Ordergroove or see our integration in action, you can request a demo.

Are you interested in integrating subscription data with other tools in your tech stack? Then stay tuned as we have more value-maximizing integrations coming later this year.

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