Team member spotlight: Dan Blanchfield, strategic customer success manager

Want to know more about the Ordergroove team? Then check out our latest team member spotlight. We sat down with Strategic Customer Success Manager Dan Blanchfield to learn about his role and how he helps merchants drive more recurring revenue. 

What are your responsibilities at Ordergroove?

Ordergroove team member spotlight: Dan Blanchfield

As a strategic customer success manager, I’m responsible for developing strong relationships with Ordergroove’s enterprise customers and helping them maximize their subscription sales. I work with our customers to develop custom-tailored subscription strategies, implement those strategies, and then continuously measure and optimize their results. It’s also my responsibility to know how the subscription industry is evolving and to share this information with our customers so they can adopt industry-leading best practices and trends. Ordergroove is a customer-centric business, so I like to think my responsibility is to make our customers’ lives easier. 

What are your favorite projects to work on at Ordergroove? Why?

Ordergroove team member spotlight: Dan Blanchfield

My favorite part of my job is introducing new capabilities that unlock growth to merchants. Ordergroove’s product team is incredibly in tune with eCommerce and subscription trends and works to develop products that will help merchants today and in the future. Not only do merchants always get excited about product innovation, I also get excited by them because it means I get to develop new subscription strategies that will help them succeed. 

For instance, I recently introduced an Ordergroove feature to a merchant that allows incentives to be tied to a specific goal, such as enrollment or retention. This enabled the merchant to test the effectiveness of their gift-with-purchase incentive versus a percent discount incentive. The percent discount ended up winning, and the merchant has seen a lift in subscriber conversions and recurring revenue.

What are you working on right now, and why is it important? 

Ordergroove recently launched our new and improved integration with Klaviyo. It’s a fantastic integration that gives merchants unparalleled personalization capabilities. Subscriber data is now automatically synced with Klaviyo, and merchants can use this information to craft unique flows and personalized campaigns. 

My favorite part of the integration, however, is “1-click actions.” Merchants have the ability to offer one-click experiences that don’t require a subscriber to log in. This means subscribers can easily delay an upcoming shipment and reactivate a canceled subscription with a single click, driving higher conversion for flows and boosting customer happiness.

Right now, I’m working with merchants to implement strategies for 1-click actions. One merchant is using 1-click actions in their order reminder emails to let subscribers skip their upcoming order. Ordergroove found that letting a subscriber skip an order decreases churn

What’s the No. 1 piece of advice you’d give brands that want to grow subscription sales or extend customer lifetime value? 

Ordergroove team member spotlight: Dan Blanchfield

My best advice is to lean heavily into subscription best practices. You’d be surprised by how many merchants forget to do the basics. There are often low- to medium-lift efforts that can quickly increase average order value (AOV) and customer lifetime value. My favorite catalyst for fast-tracking growth is enabling Instant Upsell, which allows existing subscribers to add items to their upcoming subscription orders as either a one-time delivery or as a new subscription. 

La Colombe is a great example of how much of an impact Instant Upsell can have for a merchant. The coffee brand saw their AOV increase 12% in three months after implementing Instant Upsell. 

Which brand are you excited or inspired by when it comes to creating recurring relationships? 

New Chapter

I’m particularly impressed with New Chapter, a direct-to-consumer supplements brand I work with (and subscribe to). Their site is packed with helpful wellness information, and they make it extremely easy for shoppers who are just starting their health journey to find the right supplement. You might think these types of experiences are trivial, but they go a long way toward building loyalty with shoppers.  

New Chapter also offers an exceptional subscriber experience. Not only do they ensure their subscribers – their best and most loyal customers – always receive impressive savings, they make it effortless to sign up by offering enrollment locations on their product detail pages and at checkout. 

I work with quite a few nutraceutical brands, so I think it’s worth pointing out that supplements and subscriptions go extremely well together. It can take time for customers to see the health benefits of supplements. Subscriptions ensure they maintain an optimal wellness routine.  

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