Ordergroove Omnichannel for Shopify POS: bring recurring revenue and loyalty in-store


The term “omnichannel” is everywhere, but let’s be honest – the experience between in-store and digital eCommerce for shoppers is far from seamless. It’s downright disjointed, weakening brand loyalty and suppressing customer lifetime value (LTV).

But it doesn’t have to be this way, at least not anymore.

We’ve teamed up with Shopify to revolutionize the status quo with the official launch of Omnichannel Subscriptions for Shopify POS. Now, shoppers can enjoy a seamless subscription experience both online and in-store – offering frictionless convenience wherever they are.


So, how do Omnichannel Subscriptions work?

After a simple integration process, customers can subscribe to their favorite products while shopping in-store and pick up items they subscribe to at retail locations – finally bridging the gap between their physical and digital experiences.


And for retailers, the benefits are even better.

With subscriptions in your corner, you can access the one-two punch LTV lift associated with repeat purchases to help combat rising acquisition costs. Moreover, thanks to your in-store environment, introducing shoppers to and reminding them about subscriptions is a breeze, resulting in increased enrollment, engagement, and retention. Need more to be excited about? Your most loyal customers will keep flocking back to pick up their next subscription, leading to more repeat foot traffic and an extra sale or two along the way.

For now, the integration is in limited availability. The good news is that businesses powered by Ordergroove subscriptions with Shopify POS can take advantage of this powerful integration at no additional cost.

At Ordergroove, our aim is to create a smoother and more seamless shopping experience, strengthening customer relationships with the brands they love. This integration brings us one step closer to achieving that mission and represents an exciting evolution of our omnichannel offering, already trusted by over 10,000 retail stores across the United States.

Curious to learn more? Schedule time with our subscription experts and get ready to embrace the future of retail. Say goodbye to shopping hassles and hello to seamless omnichannel experiences!

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