Building Stickier Customers with Relationship Commerce

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Building Stickier Customers with
Relationship Commerce

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In a post-pandemic environment, it’s more important than ever for retailers to strengthen their relationship with customers and create new ways of driving recurring revenue for their business. 

Innovative commerce brands are starting to develop programmatic ways to improve their customers’ stickiness. They are hyper-focused on improving relationships within the “new normal” environment – providing additional convenience, higher value, and greater peace of mind – which has resulted in substantial increases in repeat orders, average order value, and subscription-based LTV.

Learn more about:

  • The current retail climate and how COVID is transforming the subscription revenue market

  • The 5 core tenets of sticky subscribers

  • Innovative examples of how The Honest Company, Kind, Chewy, Clear, and Progressive Auto Insurance are building a relationship commerce mindset