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"relationship commerce" / June 19, 2019

Revisiting our panel at Salesforce Connections

We’re refreshed and inspired after commerce’s biggest week

For three days this June, Chicago became home to the biggest congregation of digital marketing, commerce, and customer service pros in the world, as Salesforce Connections rolled into town. We joined the pilgrimage, bringing the team to Booth #49 to discuss all things Relationship Commerce.

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"relationship commerce" / June 13, 2019

Canine Commerce

Petco’s latest initiative highlights the power of subscriptions for dog lovers

In Petco’s latest initiative to deepen relationships with its customers, the pet retailer has opened a gourmet kitchen for dog lovers who think of their pets as their children.

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News / June 6, 2019

5 things you need to know

All the news that’s fit to print from the frontlines of retail technology

Subscription summits, bath stores that can’t keep up, and a new Google app are just some of the biggest trends in retail news lately.

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News / May 14, 2019

Something to Chew On

Chewy’s impending IPO demonstrates the power of subscription commerce

On April 29, Chewy, the largest “pure-play pet e-tailer in the United States”, announced plans to go public. While Chewy’s success is due in part to the rapidly increasing amount of money Americans spend on their pet, the company has managed to distinguish itself in an incredibly crowded marketplace through an innovative commitment to Relationship Commerce-driven business models.

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News / April 29, 2019

4 Things You Need to Know

All the news that's fit to print from the front lines of retail technology

Straight-to-garage deliveries, brands giving up social media, and where to expect the next subscription services soon.

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April 10, 2019

3 Things You Need to Know

All the news that's fit to print from the front lines of retail technology

Apple’s new magazine subscription is alive and thriving, Lululemon is embarking on a new retail venture, and you can grocery shop at Walmart using only your voice. Read on to find out why this matters for retailers.

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subscription commerce / April 5, 2019

Measuring the Power of Subscription Services

Do they really drive incremental spend?

A recent study of half a million consumers conducted by Publicis/Sapient and Salesforce found that although 50% of first-time shoppers start with a retailer, only 34% return for their second purchase.

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News / March 11, 2019

Our Three Biggest Takeaways from Shoptalk

Even swag socks and fire dancers couldn’t distract from these persistent themes

Sprawling throughout Las Vegas’ The Venetian, Shoptalk 2019 proved to be one of the most insightful, fantastic, and dare we say magical retail conferences out there. Between the fire dancers, interactive booths, and free massages, it’s almost easy to forget that the event is for work and not just a three-day party and wellness retreat.

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News / March 7, 2019

3 Things You Need to Know

All the news that's fit to print from the front lines of retail technology

When one subscription service closes, another one opens. Or something like that. We have all the news on who’s thriving, who isn’t so much, and other big stories from the retail frontlines.

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News / February 21, 2019

The Personal Channel

For most retailers, sales associates are their best weapon

If you only looked at the headlines coming out of next-gen retail, you’d think the future of bricks-and-mortar is some kind of robotic paradise of self-checkout kiosks, locker pickups, or Amazon Go’s surveillance-powered, cashierless tech marvel.

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