Get the scoop on ReStockIt’s 184% growth in annual subscriber spend


increase in annual subscriber spend


average number of times per year a subscriber makes a purchase


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ReStockIt supports small-to-medium sized companies with over 200,000 online name brand business, restaurant, janitorial, and home office products. They differentiate themselves from the competition by being laser-focused on superior customer service.


Since their founding in 2004, ReStockIt has experienced a significant increase in competition, which has cut into their bottom line. They needed a way to protect their customer base and grow their business, while staying true to their core customer service value.

A key indicator of the challenging situation ReStockIt faced was their customer purchase frequency, which was stagnant at a disappointing 1.16 orders per year. ReStockIt was spending time and money to retain the same customer each year but not increasing share of their wallet, which was cutting into margins.


To achieves their business goals, ReStockIt identified a subscription program as a powerful way to engage their best customers, increase purchase frequency, and improve customer retention rates.

ReStockIt researched developing and implementing a homegrown subscription offering. However, the cost, complexity, and time-to-market made them look outward for a subscription partner.
After an in-depth search, ReStockIt elected to partner with Ordergroove because of our best-in-class subscription platform and our extensive industry expertise.


By partnering with Ordergroove, ReStockIt was able to rapidly launch a subscription offering that seamlessly integrated with the brand’s website.

ReStockIt’s subscribers have complete control over their recurring orders. They can log on at any time to accelerate, adjust, or cancel their subscription orders. For increased convenience, subscription orders are managed within a shopper’s existing account.

Behind the scenes, ReStockIt has access to detailed subscriber analytics, conversion and retention reports, and customer service tools to understand the impact of the subscription program on business goals and bottom-line results.


Since launching in 2004, has helped over 100,000 businesses support their employees, their facilities, and the customers they serve with cleaning, food service, office, technology, and industrial supplies.

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