How Furtuna Skin reduced their subscriber churn by 50% in 3 months


Subscriber base growth in 3 months


Reduction in subscriber churn


Increase in subscription revenue

Furtuna Skin launched in 2019 to rave reviews and quickly built a loyal customer base. To ensure their shoppers always had access to their favorite beauty products, Furtuna Skin implemented subscriptions on Recharge later that year. However, their subscriptions didn’t grow as rapidly as they had hoped. The reason? Their subscription partner delivered a poor subscriber experience. To achieve their goals, Furtuna Skin needed to migrate to a new subscription platform.

Switching to Ordergroove to boost subscriber enrollment and LTV

After evaluating several subscription platforms, Furtuna Skin migrated to Ordergroove and saw immediate success. Within three months, Furtuna Skin’s subscriber base grew by 103%, their subscriber churn dropped by 50%, and they boosted their subscription revenue by 100%. The beauty brand attributes the growth to Ordergroove’s:

  • Superior subscription enrollment UX
  • Seamless integrations with Yotpo’s loyalty solution
  • Fast page load times
  • Easy-to-use subscriber dashboard
Superior subscription enrollment UX

Furtuna Skin’s first subscription platform used a subpar enrollment experience that hurt conversions. The option to enroll in their auto-replenishment experience was difficult to locate on the brand’s Product Detail Page (PDP).

Moreover, their previous subscription solution’s code was challenging to manipulate, preventing Furtuna Skin from creating a subscription enrollment experience that matched their luxury aesthetic.

“The widget that allows customers to select a subscription versus a one-time purchase was extremely limited,” said Chrissie Jemison, vice president of digital at Furtuna Skin.

With Ordergroove, Furtuna Skin delivered a premium subscriber enrollment experience that matched their brand aesthetic and was easy to see on their PDPs, leading to a boost in subscriber enrollment.

“The on-page UX has been a huge part of our success with Ordergroove,” Chrissie said.

Furtuna Skin before and after

Before and after launching subscriptions with Ordergroove.

Seamless integrations with their loyalty program

Furtuna Skin’s first subscription platform didn’t fully integrate with Yotpo’s loyalty solution. As a result, Furtuna Skin subscribers were unable to redeem loyalty incentives.

“Our auto-replenishment offer was absolutely buried, and when someone found it, the experience was undesirable,” Chrissie said. “They couldn’t participate in incentives or redeem loyalty points. From the beginning to the end, it was a mess. The main reason we reached out to Ordergroove was so we could have a subscription solution that integrated with our loyalty program.”

Ordergroove fully integrates with Yotpo’s loyalty solution and automatically applies discounts to recurring orders, delivering a seamless subscriber experience. Subscribers can accumulate points on subscriptions, receive special offers for reaching subscription milestones, and redeem points on upcoming subscription purchases.

Since launching with Ordergroove, participation in Furtuna Skin’s loyalty program has increased by 100%.

“A lot of our loyalty program growth has to do with Ordergroove’s integration,” Chrissie said.

Furtuna Skin's loyalty program

Fast page load times

With over 70% of Furtuna Skin’s website traffic coming from mobile, Furtuna Skin needed a subscription solution that enabled lightning-fast load times. But again, the beauty brand’s first subscription solution let them down. Their previous provider’s bloated code caused slow load times, resulting in shoppers leaving Furtuna Skin’s site in frustration or never reaching it.

“People are on the move and not necessarily at home connected to their superfast Wi-Fi,” Chrissie said. “The page and modules need to show up, even in undesirable circumstances such as having spotty Wi-FI or poor reception.”

Customer-first subscription experience

As a customer-first beauty brand, Furtuna Skin goes above and beyond to ensure their subscribers have a delightful buying experience. However, the beauty brand’s first subscription platform delivered a confusing and difficult-to-use subscriber dashboard.

Already bandwidth-constrained, Furtuna Skin’s eCommerce team was flooded with support tickets from subscribers asking how to change or pause their subscription orders.

“It was incredibly disruptive,” Chrissie said. “Furtuna Skin is a customer-first brand, so when tickets come through, they are our number one priority. Regardless of what we are working on, we come to a full stop and address the customer’s needs.”

Now that Ordergroove powers their subscriptions, Furtuna Skin’s subscribers can easily swap a product for a similar item, skip an upcoming order, or pause their subscription. After migrating to Ordergroove, Furtuna Skin’s subscription support tickets decreased by 50% and their churn rate dropped by 50%.

“It’s much easier for our customers to navigate Ordergroove,” Chrissie said. “In the luxury space, control and customization are the two elements that are most important.”

Furtuna Quote

Improved subscriber experience boosts enrollment and LTV

Furtuna Skin’s successful migration to Ordergroove unlocked the capabilities and tools the beauty brand required to reach their growth goals. Their subscriber enrollment experience is easy to find and matches their brand aesthetic, and Furtuna Skin doesn’t have to worry about slow load times. The brand’s eCommerce team also has more time to accomplish their tasks because subscribers can easily control their orders.

Crucially, Furtuna Skin subscribers can now redeem their hard-earned loyalty rewards, which has reduced subscriber churn and increased LTV.


Subscriber base growth in 3 months


Reduction in subscriber churn


Increase in subscription revenue


Furtuna Skin is a regenerative beauty brand that takes a holistic approach to their wildly potent skincare products. Their ingredients are foraged from an 800+ acre organic estate in Sicily that uses sustainable farming practices.

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