Take the effort out of subscriptions with Ordergroove

Once you’ve decided that a subscription is right for your business, consider Ordergroove’s out-of-the-box, scalable solutions that optimize the subscription experience and help your business grow.

Here are just a few of the ways Ordergroove can enhance your subscription experience.

Accelerate subscriber enrollment

A best-in-class subscription platform uses promotional incentives, easy options to enroll, and an integrated checkout experience to turn prospects into subscribers.

Ordergroove enables you to place subscription enrollment prompts at every step of the buying journey, including the product page, product quick view, and checkout. These prompts can include incentives on a subscriber’s first order, such as a discount, free trial, or free shipping.

Because Ordergroove fully integrates with top eCommerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, Magento, Salesforce and Shopify, so subscribers aren’t forced to switch sites to check out. This integrated checkout means subscribers have a better experience and you can track their behavior from beginning to end.

Boost subscriber retention

Once your subscription platform’s enrollment tools have done their job, its retention tools take over. These tools build long-term subscriber relationships by giving them control over their subscriptions and rewarding them for loyalty.

Ordergroove makes it easy for customers to manage their subscriptions. In addition to options to pause and skip subscriptions, customers can swap SKUs for different flavors, colors, and sizes.

Say a customer is likely to churn from having too many of your products on hand. Ordergroove uses artificial intelligence to anticipate overstock and prompts them to skip their next order, preventing a subscription cancellation. This preemptive communication can reduce churn by as much as 17%. 

You also have the option to incentivize subscribers to remain in your program through personalized discounts, such as after a predetermined number of orders have been placed.

Grow average order value

The greatest benefit of a subscription experience is recurring revenue. But a close second is the opportunity to increase average order value.

Ordergroove helps improve average order value with unique incentives, one-click upsells, and curated product offerings.

Built for scale

A subscription platform should support a consistently outstanding subscription experience, even when your experience sees rapid growth.

Ordergroove gives you the tools to enhance performance and margin while you grow, as well as monitor progress along the way. Users can use centralized dashboards to spot trends quickly and automatically share that data with upper management as needed.

Ordergroove’s software also gives customers the ability to fulfill orders through your physical stores and even combine multiple subscriptions into a single order. Combining orders saves them time and saves you money.

Personalize the subscriber experience

Consumers want hassle-free and convenient shopping experiences. Your subscription platform should make setting up these experiences easy. In return, you’ll be rewarded with increased subscriber engagement and lifetime value. 

Ordergroove integrates with leading eCommerce solutions that help personalize the shopping experience. Through our integration with best-in-class marketing automation solution, Klavyio, you can personalize your subscriber communications.

There is also a natural synergy between loyalty programs like Yotpo and subscriptions. Ordergroove’s integration with Yotpo makes it easy to set up and run a subscription loyalty program. Specifically, Ordergroove’s integration enables subscribers to accumulate points and redeem loyalty points on their subscription. 

Additionally, Ordergroove’s suite of APIs can be used to develop a subscription experience that fits your unique needs. Whether you want to let customers build their own box, offer a curated box of products, or enable a guided selling experience, this can all be developed on top of our existing functionality.

To learn more about these capabilities and more, request a personalized demo here.

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