Uncover the True Cost of Recharge

From hidden fees to unexpected technology costs, deciphering Recharge's true financial impact can make even an accountant’s head spin. Luckily, we created this handy calculator for you.

Calculate your true cost.

Input your subscription metrics, software, and tech integrations to discover your total cost of ownership with Recharge.

$1 $30M+
$1 $500+

What additional features & integrations do you use?

  • Calculating cost per transaction
  • Appraising integration needs...
  • Decoding hidden fees...
  • Printing itemized receipts....
  • Modeling annual charges

Well, would you look at that...

Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?



  • Platform cost (+$499)

    Flat platform cost

  • Transaction fees (+$)

    [Monthly GMV () * 1%] + [Monthly Number of Transactions () * $0.19]

  • Churnbuster (+$[ { value: 25000, price: 99}, { value: 50000, price: 149}, { value: 100000, price: 249}, { value: 200000, price: 399}, { value: 300000, price: 499}, { value: 300001, price: 599}, ])

    Your Churnbuster integration is required for proper dunning management & segmentation capabilities

  • Rebuy Engine (+$499)

    Your Rebuy Engine integration is required for proper upselling & cross-selling capabilities

  • Govalo (+$79)

    Your Govalo integration is required to offer gift with purchase to your subscribers

  • Prepaid (+$0)

    ...but a lot of time and headaches! Multiple SKU management for each prepaid subscription frequency.




  • Platform cost (+$XXX)

    Based on effective rate of annual GMV that scales down as you grow

  • Transaction Fees (+$0)

    No additional fees

  • Dunning management & segmentation (+$0)


  • Upselling & cross-selling (+$0)


  • Gift with purchase (+$0)


  • Prepaid (+$0)

    Ordergroove’s out-of-the-box prepaid feature includes single SKU management and empowers subscribers to pause, cancel, or switch to pay-as-you-go options at any point.

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All pricing modeled at pro pricing levels

We thoroughly reviewed all subscription vendors out there and found that we were going to pay 3-4 times if we went with a vendor that bills based on transactions.”

Chris Videau

CEO, Sheets Laundry Club

The nail in the coffin for the other big Shopify player in the space we look at was they wouldn’t let go of their fixed percentage fee per order. Even a couple of cents per order is a killer.”

Jens Nicolaysen

CMO & Co-Founder

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