A Go-To Guide to Subscription Commerce for Agencies

Launching or migrating an eCommerce subscription experience and growing it can feel like an insurmountable task. That’s why your friends at Ordergroove put together this overview about subscription commerce. By the time you finish reading this document, you’ll have the knowledge you need to be your accounts’ subscription expert.


Understand the Different Types of Subscriptions

Did you know there are multiple types of subscriptions? Make sure your merchant accounts are implementing the correct type for their goals and business objectives.


Educate Yourself on the Benefits of a Subscription Experience

Consumer demand for subscriptions is at an all-time high (up 37% YoY!). Here are 5 reasons why merchants might be interested in launching a subscription experience:

  • Reliable, recurring revenue — enabling merchants to better plan for the future.
  • Increased customer lifetime value, which offsets high customer acquisition costs
  • Improved inventory forecasting and a better understanding of reordering volume
  • Repeat customer data leads to an optimized buying experience
  • Companies with recurring revenue are valued 8X higher than transaction-based businesses.

Must-Have Subscription Commerce Capabilities

Worried your merchant accounts are interested in or currently have a subscription experience that can’t compete in the growing subscription commerce market? Here are 7 must-have capabilities to assure they see subscription success.

Promotional Capabilities

  • A 5% Discount Feature increases enrollment by 104%
  • Not having a Free Shipping feature is a deal-breaker for 85% of shoppers
  • Incentivize customers opting into more subscription offers with a Subscribe More, Save More offer.
  • Let customers add one-time purchases to their recurring orders with Cross-Selling.

Retention Capabilities

  • It’s a must-have to let your customers skip, pause, change, or cancel their subscriptions through a Subscription Management Portal.
  • Reward subscribers after a set number of reorders with Retention Rewards.
  • Operation Tools to swap out-of-stock items and refresh credit card information minimize unnecessary churn.

Recommend These Strategies to See Subscription Success

If your merchant has the required capabilities to compete, it’s time to recommend an equally competitive subscription commerce strategy!

Retention Strategies

Flexible program management leads to higher retention rates:

  • SKU skipping leads to 135% longer subscriptions.
  • SKU swapping increases subscription length by 71%.
  • Turn subscriptions into a VIP experience with subscription rewards and loyalty programs.

A Reminder That Marketing Goes
a Long Way

If your merchant has the required capabilities to compete, it’s time to recommend an equally competitive subscription commerce strategy!

  • Email marketing to alert current customers
  • Influencer partnerships for promotion
  • Blog posts and videos that highlight subscription offers
  • Information about subscriptions on their homepage

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