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How Filters Fast Was Ready When Clean Air and Water Became Essential

Working families have a lot on their minds, but air and water filters? They’re usually very low on the list. For years, Filters Fast — the top filtration provider in the United States — had been educating customers about filtration and pushing them to understand the importance of changing filters regularly.

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Then came COVID-19.

Suddenly those who changed air filters once a year were clamoring for regular filter deliveries and installing filtration systems in their homes.

In 2004 Ray Scardigno, the company’s founder, started the company in his garage.

He became frustrated trying to purchase his refrigerator filter online — so he created a shopping experience where customers could find the filter they need fast for a great price. For years, Ray has been partnering with Ordergroove to build up a better experience where repeat orders are made easy.

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By the Numbers


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Ray’s been seeing great success in his recurring revenue margins with his private label products. Filters Fast offers competitive incentives for customers who buy more often through their Subscribe & Save program making the subscribing process a snap with a 10% discount for Filters Fast brands and 5% discounts on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands.

The company also enticed clients to subscriptions by offering free shipping, a prescriptive shipping cadence, and allowed them to easily add new items to their subscription with Ordergroove’s Instant Upsell feature — increasing average order value.

“For years, we’ve been trying to educate our audience to understand the importance of filtration and the need to change filters regularly. After COVID-19, that has taken care of itself. People are taking filtration seriously, leading to a lot of business growth for us — and Ordergroove has been an incredible partner to help us turn interested consumers into repeat customers.”

– Dee Ray, Chief Brand Officer at Filters Fast.

During the pandemic, online revenue has grown nearly 3X.

During the pandemic, online revenue has grown nearly 3X. New subscribers are up more than 183%, but even more impressive are retention rates that average 96%-98% monthly. The reason is simple — people are more concerned than ever about healthy water and air, and Filters Fast is delivering with timely messaging and an easy shopping experience.

If that weren’t impressive enough, Filters Fast has recovered 39% of eligible expired credit cards leading to 8% lift in total orders and accounting for approximately 10% of monthly recurring revenue.

Inside Filters Fast Commerce Stack:

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Ordergroove, Attentive

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Website, Email, SMS

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Predictive Reorder, Impulse Upsell