Zabar’s increased their subscriber enrollment by 66% with Ordergroove


Zabar’s subscribers purchase more frequently than average Zabar’s shoppers.


Zabar’s subscribers spend more than the average Zabar’s shopper.


increase in subscription enrollment.

Zabar’s, a New York City cultural landmark, specializes in gourmet foods. Founded in 1934 as a quaint grocery, the brand now includes a flagship store, catalog business, and successful eCommerce website.


In 2011, Zabar’s saw an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with their customers. Shoppers wanted Zabar’s specialty products shipped to their doorsteps on a regular basis. To meet the demand, Zabar’s launched a homegrown subscription program. While the brand was excited to increase their customer retention rate and extend customer lifetime value, the subscription program fell short of their expectations.

After analyzing their subscription program, Zabar’s determined there were two significant flaws:

  • Their customers didn’t have control over their subscriptions
  • The company was unable to track key metrics such as subscriber conversion, retention, and recurring revenue growth.

After two years of lackluster performance, Zabar’s knew they had to upgrade their subscription program to achieve the results they desired. Complicating matters, Zabar’s needed to roll out a robust subscription program in just a few months, before the busy winter shopping season.


Zabar’s turned to Ordergroove’s technology platform to implement a subscription program in record time. They selected Ordergroove because our platform seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This saved Zabar’s valuable time and resources, which they were able to allocate toward other mission-critical projects.

Through Ordergroove, Zabar’s launched Z-peat Auto Ship. Overnight, their customers gained the ability to quickly and easily subscribe to their favorite products and unlike Zabar’s homegrown subscription program, shoppers could self-manage their subscriptions.

The brand’s new subscription program also made it easy for them to surprise and delight their customers with exclusive samples of new products and flavors — driving brand loyalty and recurring sales.

Most importantly, Zabar’s unlocked access to valuable customer insight data through Ordergroove’s real-time analytics. They were finally able to understand their subscriber base and the business impact of their subscription program.

We do about 20% of our year’s business in December, so we wanted to get our subscription program live before the holiday. Ordergroove implemented quickly and effectively. Upon launch we saw a tremendous number of new sign-ups.”

Larry Zilco




Zabar’s saw immediate success. A year after partnering with Ordergroove, the brand reported significant growth across their most important business metrics.

Today, Zabar’s Z-peat Auto Ship program continues to help the brand engage shoppers and grow their customer base.


A New York City institution for over 80 years, Zabar’s is a gourmet shop that specializes in fine coffee, smoked fish, caviar, cheese, deli meats, kitchen equipment and housewares.

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