Learn how KIND Snacks grew their subscriber AOV by 24%

Consumers don’t have to look too hard to find KIND Snacks’ distinctive multi-colored logo. Whether shopping at Whole Foods, scrolling Instagram, or browsing KINDsnacks.com, the brand’s healthy snacks are ever present. Since the company launched in 2004, they’ve sold more than 2 billion bars and is now one of the top-five selling snack bars in the United States.

KINDsnacks.com has always been an essential sales channel for KIND. The website has been instrumental in enrolling their most valued customers in subscription programs — an important recurring revenue stream before and during the pandemic.

In 2019, KIND sought to strengthen their relationships with consumers by enhancing their website and strengthening their direct-to-consumer program. At the time, they were challenged by a homegrown subscription system that lacked flexibility, control, and functionality. KIND wanted to roll out a frictionless experience that reduced time to checkout and made ordering hassle free. To accomplish their goal, KIND implemented Ordergroove with their eCommerce platform.

KIND leveraged Ordergroove’s REST APIs to build a custom front-end and provide the exact customer experience they wanted, allowing shoppers to easily choose the products they love, including KIND’s popular Build Your Own Box experience.

Since partnering with Ordergroove, KIND’s subscription program has seen impressive results. Their subscriber base has grown by over 50%. Upsell conversion rates are as high as 21% and Average Order Value (AOV) has subsequently increased 24%.

The dramatic growth in KIND’s subscriber database came from leveraging Ordergroove’s best-in-class subscription promotions and incentives — 10% discount, free shipping, order flexibility, and a simple product swap feature.

KIND’s increase in AOV is attributed to implementing an Ordergroove feature that enables customers to easily add additional products into their upcoming subscription orders. This is leading to even higher lifetime value.

The combination of Ordergroove and Salesforce has provided KIND with the functionality and stability needed to drive our subscription objectives.”

Jared Lukin

Vice President Ecommerce



Since 2004, KIND has been on a mission to create a kinder and healthier world – one snack and one act at a time. The brand offers over 100 snacks packed with nutrient-dense ingredients, such as nuts, whole grains, and fruit.

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