Say hello to the new Ordergroove

Commerce is evolving, and so is Ordergroove. 

We’re excited to share that we have a new visual brand identity. Our new look includes an updated logo, a diverse and vibrant color palette, and a focus on human-centric imagery. 

Since we launched in 2010, a lot has changed – for Ordergroove and the eCommerce industry. We went from providing premium subscription and membership experiences to enterprise brands and retailers to the standard-bearer of Relationship Commerce, with our solution available to merchants of all sizes. At the same time, eCommerce is rapidly shifting to a retention-first mindset. 

Our brand refresh reflects these changes. More importantly, however, our new look reinforces our mission to help merchants thrive by putting relationships at the center of commerce. 

Bringing our mission to life

How does Ordergroove’s new brand express our mission? 

  • Our updated logo consists of interlocking rings and represents the universal symbol of commitment, reflecting our dedication to developing long-lasting relationships. 
  • The vibrant color palette embraces Ordergroove’s diverse customer base and demonstrates the flexibility required in successful partnerships. 
  • Our new human-centric imagery reinforces that Ordergroove is a customer-obsessed company – obsessed with both our own customers and our merchants’ customers. 

Unwavering commitment

What does this mean for you? Our new look comes with a renewed commitment to building strong, authentic relationships with our merchants and partners. 

Thank you for partnering with us through the years and for your continued support. We can’t wait to take on the future together!

– The Ordergroove Team

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