It’s official: Ordergroove is a subscription vendor for Salesforce Quick Start Commerce solutions

We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with Salesforce: Ordergroove is an official vendor for the Quick Start Commerce for Subscriptions solution.

Quick Start Commerce Solutions features a brand new series of pre-configured packages offered by Salesforce including product, implementation, and management services to launch an ecommerce site in record time. The Quick Start Commerce for Subscriptions offering includes Ordergroove’s Essentials package, allowing brands and retailers to power their D2C site with a subscription program in as little as 3 weeks. Ordergroove and Salesforce are partnering with  Tryzens and OSF Digital as the first System Integrators responsible for the implementation and management of Quick Start Commerce for Subscription sites.

“Subscriptions have become a key enabler of many D2C brands’ digital commerce success,” Ordergroove CEO Greg Alvo said. “We’re thrilled to be a Quick Start subscription partner and work with Salesforce to provide emerging brands with the tools necessary to drive recurring revenue and build customer loyalty.”

Thanks to this Ordergroove and Salesforce partnership, Quick Start retailers and brands can access all the benefits of Ordergroove Essentials, enabling them to:

  • Deliver seamless subscriptions – Offer customers an easy and predictable way to get the products they love on a recurring basis by leveraging features like auto replenishment
  • Capture recurring revenue – Grow average order value and customer lifetime value via exclusive subscription incentives and promotions
  • Offer customers flexibility – Allow customers to manage their subscription on their terms with a subscriber management interface and transactional email communications
  • Cultivate brand loyalty – Become a key part of customers’ established purchasing pattern

Industry trends lately have shown that combining D2C retail approaches with subscription programs is the strongest way to meet consumers’ increased recurring purchase needs while setting business up for a profitable future. Consumers have faced purchasing urgency this year, and want to be sure that they can get the goods they need regularly, on time, and begin a recurring order cadence as soon as possible. While time to launch was typically a barrier to entry for new D2C brands, Quick Start now gives retailers the ability to launch a reliable, recurring revenue-driving subscription service and quickly meet the demands of their consumers.

Ready to get started with your Quick Start for Subscriptions program? Contact us here to speak with an Ordergroove team member.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Subscription Program

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