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In the midst of COVID-19, Relationship Commerce is simplified with auto-ordering and auto-delivery

For people around the world, the coronavirus has completely upended lives, habits, and expectations. That’s why any ability to maintain a sense of normalcy has become crucial for those under quarantine or practicing social distancing. Whether it’s grocery shopping, taking care of our pets, or keeping up appearances even while housebound — these are the daily routines that have suddenly become critical.

As retail stores across the country continue to close, or operate with stringent new regulations, it should come as no surprise that we’re also seeing an enormous leap in subscription enrollments in March.

Internally, Ordergroove has seen total subscriptions created rise up about 40% across all clients week over week. We’re especially seeing growth in our Health & Wellness (104%), Pet (183%), and Specialty Retailer (284%) verticals. Retail Pulse additionally found that Subscription and At Home Convenience sales rose 204% over the past week, and that increase has remained strong in the past few days. 

Subscription services are offering a way for consumers to obtain their monthly or bi-weekly goods in a way that is no longer just convenient, but safe through features such as automated ordering and delivery (allows brands to define a criteria for orders to be automatically routed for shipment without requiring human review). Consumers can relax a bit knowing they’ll receive their babies’ diapers or pet food on time when they need them, without needing to worry about  store shortages and potentially expose themselves to harmful germs. 

Our CEO Greg Alvo adds: “In recent weeks, we’ve seen a significant rise in relationship commerce, resulting in record growth for our customers. During these uncertain times, relationship commerce offers consumers an easy and predictable way to shop. For brands and retailers, this creates a new recurring revenue opportunity that is so vital at this time and is also helping many add predictability to their supply chain operations. These are unprecedented times, and it’s inspiring to see how Relationship Commerce is helping consumers add some level of control and convenience to their lives.”

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything any of us have had to navigate before, but we at Ordergroove have faith that we will find new ways to adapt, help each other, and thrive in these uncertain times. 

Partnership with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Quick Start Commerce Solutions features a brand new series of pre-configured packages offered by Salesforce including product, implementation, and management services to launch an ecommerce site in record time. The Quick Start Commerce for Subscriptions offering includes Ordergroove’s Essentials package, allowing brands and retailers to power their D2C site with a subscription program in as little as 3 weeks. To learn more about Quick Start Commerce Solutions, click here.

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