Dollar Shave Club migrates homegrown eCommerce tech stack to best-in-class solutions

Dollar Shave Club is raising the bar for consumer brands! 

The preeminent direct-to-consumer (DTC) grooming brand has said goodbye to their homegrown eCommerce solutions and migrated their tech stack to best-in-class providers with Ordergroove powering subscription, Klaviyo for marketing automation, Gorgias for customer support, and Shopify behind their eCommerce.  

Dollar Shave Club’s migration places the iconic brand as the leader in an emerging trend among enterprise brands. For many retailers, maintaining a homegrown tech stack is complicated and costly, both financially and in internal bandwidth. Dollar Shave Club’s transition to eCommerce providers not only decreases costs and frees resources, but more importantly, it empowers them to innovate faster and unlock rapid growth. 

Their migration also sets a template for the ideal tech stack for established and fast-growing brands looking to unlock new levels of growth.

Meet Dollar Shave Club’s new tech stack


Dollar Shave Club has been at the forefront of subscriptions for over a decade. But to continue to drive profitable growth at a quicker pace, they required the ability to easily innovate on their customer journey to keep their most valuable customers loyal.

Migrating from their homegrown subscription solution to a best-in-class provider was the answer. Not only would it cut costs and free valuable internal resources, but it would also give them the power to unlock higher levels of customer lifetime value by providing additional capabilities, personalization, and insights.

Their greatest challenge? Finding a platform that could support the complexities of having millions of subscribers globally.

Ordergroove’s extensive history of migrating and growing subscriptions for brands like L’Oréal, The Honest Company, and Peet’s Coffee, coupled with deep integrations with the other critical components of their tech stack, including Shopify Plus, made Dollar Shave Club’s choice easy. 

Over three days, Ordergroove migrated Dollar Shave Club’s seven-figure subscriber base with an impressive 99.99% success rate and no downtime. 

In the coming months, Dollar Shave Club plans to partner with Ordergroove to test new promotional strategies and develop customer experiences that add value for their shoppers.

Marketing automation

Klaviyo was tapped to power Dollar Shave Club’s marketing automation. With Klaviyo, Dollar Shave Club can use data from across their tech stack to develop and send highly personalized emails at scale. Dollar Shave Club also has access to Klaviyo’s powerful AI, predictive analytics like behavior forecasting, a product recommendation engine, and benchmark reporting to ensure their email marketing is impactful. By migrating, Dollar Shave Club now has a full understanding of their customers.

Customer service

The DTC brand also chose eCommerce customer service platform, Gorgias, to power customer support. Gorgias provides Dollar Shave Club with a seamless support experience across channels like live chat, social media, and email. Dollar Shave Club can now see all customer conversations and order history in one place, so agents have full subscriber context to support their customers’ needs better. Gorgias has also enabled Dollar Shave Club to automate responses for more than 30% of inquiries and offer self-service resources, creating a smoother experience for customers without overloading internal support agents. 


Shopify Plus design and development agency partner, iamota, supported Dollar Shave Club’s transition from a highly customized tech stack to a Shopify Plus-centric one in collaboration with Ordergroove, Gorgias, and Klaviyo’s’ implementation teams. Through iamota’s design, Dollar Shave Club was able to shed legacy user experience debt, simplify, and optimize the experience for prospective customers, members, and Dollar Shave Club’s internal operational team. 

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