Why Ordergroove?

The only Relationship Commerce platform built for enterprise brands & retailers

You already have an eCom platform and POS for your one-and-done transactions. What about your recurring customer relationships that accelerate profitable growth?

It's YOUR Vision

Build your recurring revenue story.

Relationship commerce experiences should be constrained not by technical limitations, but by your tops down creativity and imagination. Everyone’s business is unique and differentiation is key. While a single product plan might be best for one brand or retailer, a discovery bundle might be best for a more luxury vertical. Ordergroove has invested in countless of experiences to empower YOU to choose what’s best for your customers:

Ordergroove has helped over 100 retailers create and optimize the relationship commerce experience they seek for their customers.

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Frictionless Consumer Experiences

Subscribe? Be reminded? Join? Let your customer choose.

Do I want to commit or just date for a little bit? Some customers want to subscribe. Others want to just be prompted when it’s time to reorder. It’s not one or the other. Too many relationship commerce models have focused on what the business feels is best for their P&L vs what their customers really want. Putting the customer at the center of your universe and letting them choose how far along they are on the relationship journey with you, is the fastest way to win hearts and minds.

Ordergroove supports a range of experiences to match any level of customer commitment.

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Product Subscriptions

Raleys Kits

Raley’s subscription & reorder meal kits

AI-powered Annuities

Build an annuity from your recurring relationships with machine learning.

Recurring relationships are dynamic and one size does not fit all. Anticipating the right timing and offer makes you indispensable to customers’ lives.

Ordergroove’s Anticipate AITM engine takes the mental and physical friction out of fulfilling needs by anticipating the “when next” of each consumer’s cadence.

Anticipate AI Image
Anticipate AITM at work.

Retail Stores Ready

Supercharge volume with in-store enrollment.

Overlooking your retail stores as a place to initiate a recurring customer relationships should be a crime. It’s the asset you have the Seattle-based retailer doesn’t. Capitalize on retail volume, amortize acquisition costs, and reverse foot traffic declines with a program that unites your online and store experiences for a 1+1 = 3 performance.

Ordergroove powers relationship commerce programs in over 5000 stores and growing.


Vitamin Shoppe’s in-store subscription signup.

Raleys iPad

Raley’s in-store relationship commerce enrollment

VSI Stock Performance

VSI Stock Performance.

Every Channel Enabled

Turn every channel into a revenue driver.

The 9-step shopping cart is broken. And consumers are shopping in channels you don’t own. Enable frictionless relationship commerce experiences at their channel of choice.

Ordergroove delivers your familiar, brand-building experience no matter where your customers shop.

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Omnichannel ordering via IoT, SMS, Voice, etc

Retention Strong

Stem churn and drive profitable growth.

Enrollment growth feels great but retention pays the bills. eCommerce platforms are built for one-and-done transactions. We’re built for the ongoing recurring revenue stream. Get retention right and you’ll enjoy hockey stick growth. Get it wrong and you’ll have a costly leaky bucket.

Ordergroove drives a greater return from your customer acquisition investments.


Retention rewards and credit card optimization

CFO Approved

Drive order profitability and recurring foot traffic to your stores.

The more frictionless the experience, the greater chance you’re shipping a single item in a box. Ordergroove wins the heart of your CFO by leveraging lifecycle notifications as opportunities to expand basket sizes and enhance order economics.

Ordergroove goes beyond clicks and transactions to achieve the KPIs that drive the bottom line.

SMS and Email

Enroll & Pickup In-Store + Easy Upsell to Expand AOV of Upcoming Order

Supply Chain Supported

Never disappoint your recurring customers by missing a future order.

With increased recurring volume, comes increased complexity. Take care of your customers and supply chain team by giving them the forecasts they deserve with the predictability of relationship commerce.

Ordergroove’s platform is supply chain-aware to safeguard the continuity of relationships.

Supply Chain Supported


Leverage Ordergroove’s APIs, SDKs, and reference applications to accelerate implementation in any system environment.

Omnichannel systems are complex and fragmented. Ordergroove was built as an API overlay to handle everything from a home grown AS400 platform to the latest version of Salesforce. We build our APIs to be simple to use, powerful in production, and endlessly scalable.

Ordergroove gets you to market quickly - your way and on your timeline.

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Services and Support

Don’t go at it alone - partner with our Customer Success team.

Relationship Commerce is new and nuanced. We’ve overcome a growing list of obstacles and pitfalls that can trip up the success of any program. And don’t expect that the program in place today will be effective forever - your customers’ expectations can change overnight, and you will need to constantly adapt to stay ahead of the competition and remain indispensable to your customers’ lives.

Ordergroove’s team has nearly 200 combined years of experience keeping clients on top of their game.

Business Impact

Rock your customers and investors with a game-changing business model.

Just as SaaS changed the game for software stocks, so is Relationship Commerce (aka “Consumer SaaS”) changing the game for B2C businesses. It’s an imperative for customer relationships and critical to business survival in today’s dynamic retail industry.

Ordergroove is helping to lead the transformation to a customer-centric and frictionless retail world we all can appreciate in our daily lives.

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