The Relationship Commerce Checklist

Your Relationship Score:
You Are Married!

Congrats, your best customers will stand by your side in tough times. Become a better active listener as they grow old. Then win the hearts and minds of those crazy in-laws and second cousins too.

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Your customers like you, but don’t love you. They are waiting for Amazon Prime material. Step it up!

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You’ve got them smitten. They’ve accepted you into their house. But cold feet still lurk in the shadows. Keep their love tank full.

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Follow these tips to make sure your company is staying ahead of the curve and are “relationship goals” with your customers.

  • Monitor online reviews and social media for user-generated content to better engage in conversations that your customers care about.
  • Interview loyal customers, conduct user experience testing, perform competitor analysis, and field research to find out where your customers experience friction.
  • Record interactions and iterate to increase your speed to purchase (i.e., clicks, input fields, payment, cart abandonment, chat).
  • Offer a way for customers to make repeatable purchases in a fast, efficient manner. Subscription or reorder programs are a great first step to capture recurring revenue and build long-term relationships with your customers.
  • Invest extra time and energy in subscription-first campaigns to maximize both the short-term and long-term ROI from this year’s marketing spend.
  • Audit your social media & channel stack to determine matches where your audience is most active.
  • Invest more in retention and associate programs like guided selling experiences, chat functions, and ongoing support, that bring hospitality into the purchase experience.
  • Use options – like buy now, buy later, subscribe now, pause order, skip order, or receive sample products – so that customers can purchase products in a time or place that’s easy and convenient for them.
  • Make sure there’s enough ongoing value so that your subscribers don’t cancel for a cheaper competitive offer, like “best-price guaranteed,” gifts, cards, and phone calls.

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