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Ordergroove’s Relationship Commerce CloudTM makes you an indispensable part of your customers’ lives.

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Julia Mavrodin

eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Kiehl’s

“Kiehl’s is committed to building strong relationships with consumers by creating a frictionless experience both in stores and across all digital channels. With consumer expectations rapidly evolving and a retail environment that’s in a continuous state of disruption, having a comprehensive Relationship Commerce platform and partner like Ordergroove is essential for achieving our vision.”

Why does this matter?

Consumer expectations are changing.

“The driver of this increased velocity of marketplace change is innovations that are creating new customer expectations… customers often don’t even realize their expectations are changing at all, let alone how fast.”

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Customer touch points are everywhere.

“Every brand is trying to work its way into the consumer’s home. The path to purchase is continuously becoming more complex. Finding a place in the consumer’s home is all about creating new touchpoints to shorten the path to purchase.”

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Amazon is dictating the retail agenda.

“The most recent Amazon unlock was the decision to exit the difficult business of episodic revenues. The recurring revenue relationship that Amazon has established with US households through Prime is second only to Microsoft’s Office franchise.”

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Drive relationships, not transactions, in every channel.

Relationship Commerce customer experiences are built on top of our Cloud platform to deliver a range of programs designed to engage customers in shopping again

  • across any channel,
  • supporting any motivation, from necessity to enjoyment, and
  • optimized to reduce friction.

Subscriptions. Predictive Reorder. Clubs. Boxes. Memberships. Build your recurring revenue program on our Relationship Commerce platform.

Partner with us to deliver the experiences your customers expect.

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