Why Ancestral Supplements Made the Switch to Ordergroove

In 2020, Ancestral Supplements launched a new subscription program to build direct, recurring relationships with their customers. After a rocky start with their subscription solution provider, they migrated to Ordergroove to implement a superior subscription experience and a reliable platform that would help them succeed.

A Hijacked Checkout Jeopardizes Ancestral’s Success

A large portion of Ancestral’s customers purchase the brand’s supplements on Amazon. As part of a new business strategy, Ancestral wanted to sell directly to customers through their website to improve margin, build brand loyalty, and grow customer retention.

They moved quickly to launch a subscription program and partnered with a solution provider that used a partially integrated checkout. This type of experience — commonly referred to as a “hijacked checkout” — transfers shoppers to a different site and interface to complete their purchase.

Despite serious hesitations about the viability of a hijacked checkout, Ancestral’s solution provider assured them that it wouldn’t add complexity to their subscription experience. This, however, wasn’t true. Ancestral’s subscription program barely launched before running into roadblocks.

Because of the subscription platform’s hijacked checkout, Ancestral Supplements was forced to duplicate their product catalog. Every time they wanted to update an SKU or run a promotion, they needed to do twice the work. This held Ancestral back from focusing on strategic initiatives.

The subscription platform’s hijacked checkout also stunted Ancestral’s growth. Because the checkout experience was off-site, Ancestral struggled to track and collect data, including purchases from their affiliates. As a result, Ancestral’s affiliates had no incentive to promote the company’s products because they wouldn’t receive a commission.

Everything Ordergroove does is world-class, everyone Ordergroove works with is world-class, and I always want to go with the world-class provider.”

Carl Mixon


Ancestral Supplements

Making the Switch to Ordergroove

Within months, Ancestral knew they needed a new subscription platform. Following a thorough search, Ancestral migrated their fledgling subscription program to Ordergroove and was immediately delighted with the platform’s capabilities and company’s customer service.

With the help of Ordergroove’s implementation team, Ancestral easily migrated their subscriber base. Critically, Ancestral’s subscription program had zero downtime during the migration, ensuring a seamless subscriber experience.

“Ordergroove is a known entity — not just a couple of guys in a basement writing code,” said Ancestral Supplements CMO Carl Mixon. “Everything Ordergroove does is world-class, everyone Ordergroove works with is world-class, and I always want to go with the world-class provider.”

Improved Performance Thanks to Ordergroove

Unlike Ancestral’s old subscription platform, Ordergroove uses an integrated checkout. Subscribers aren’t sent offsite to complete their orders so Ancestral doesn’t have to worry about confusing their customers or maintaining a duplicate product catalog.

The migration also empowered Ancestral to track and collect data, which breathed life back into their affiliate program. “Now our affiliates earn commissions for all transactions, both subscriptions and non-subscriptions,” Carl said. “Of course, they want to help us more.”

Within four months of migrating their subscription program to Ordergroove, Ancestral saw a dramatic increase in performance, including a 21% increase in subscription enrollment.

Carl said his team is particularly happy with Ordergroove’s “log-in on behalf of” tool, which plays nicely with the company’s mission to deliver stellar customer service. The tool enables an Ancestral representative to log in to a subscriber account to adjust their order.

“Anything that makes it easier for a live person to guide a customer through the process is something we really like, and Ordergroove does that,” Carl said.


Ancestral Supplements is a dynamic brand co-owned by lifestyle influencer Brian Johnson, a.k.a. The Liver King. The brand offers a high-quality line of whole-food supplements with the purpose of “putting back in what the modern world has left out.”

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