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It’s All About Subscriptions

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Who know recurring revenue could sound so sweet?

It’s All About Subscriptions

It’s no secret that the fastest growing retail brands today are now selling everything from food and wellness products to beauty and homecare with a subscription model.

The subscription eCommerce market has grown into a $12-15 billion industry, according to McKinsey. It reported that the largest subscription eCommerce companies increased sales 30 percent year-over-year in 2018.

However, building a successful subscription program can be tough. McKinsey reports that 40 percent of consumers have canceled subscriptions in the past. And higher churn rates are now making it tougher for retailers to cover their acquisition costs.

In this ebook, we’ll offer 9 real-life ecommerce pro-tips to drive more subscriptions, make signups seamless, and build trust with consumers. You’ll find the best examples of deliciously clickable customer experiences – taken from extensive testing of our clients’ shopping cart pages, subscription control centers, product bundling programs, quizzes, and even radio buttons.



“KIND was seeking a partner who could deliver a best-in-class technology platform and also offered a depth of experience in creating deeper and frictionless relationships with consumers. With market-changing solutions that go the distance to predict a customer’s next moment of need, Ordergroove has demonstrated that they can be that strategic partner.”

Jarid Lukin, VP of eCommerce at KIND

“Kiehl’s is committed to building strong relationships with consumers by creating a frictionless experience both in stores and across all digital channels. With consumer expectations rapidly evolving and a retail environment that’s in a continuous state of disruption, having a comprehensive Relationship Commerce platform and partner like Ordergroove is essential for achieving our vision.”

Julia Mavrodin, eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Kiehl's
illy name-ordergroove-salesforce-commerce-cloud-subscription

“With Ordergroove’s technology, data-driven insights and consumer expertise, we’re able to pursue a deeper and longer relationship with our customers, who love illy coffee and want to enjoy it at home. By offering the ‘illy a casa’ program at the optimal moment, we are making it easy and convenient to enjoy illy coffee through a premium subscription program. In return, we are experiencing increased customer satisfaction and lifetime value. It’s a win-win across the board.”

Andrea Vitale, illy

“After a thorough evaluation, we decided Ordergroove’s proven technology and team was the right fit for us to take our existing subscription programs to the next level. We are excited about the opportunity to leverage Ordergroove’s platform to further improve and expand our subscription offerings, and therefore, deliver an elevated and seamless experience for our customer which has always been our priority.”

Andy Molloy, Bare Escentuals