It’s been a busy start to fall at Ordergroove, and we’re very excited that a lot of the activity here is a result of our work with new clients.

Two of our new partnerships are with 5 Star Nutrition and MegaFood, leading specialists in the health and wellness industry. Wellness brands have always been a strong candidate for recurring revenue programs, and these new Ordergroove clients prove that the case is as strong as ever for health-focused companies to increase their subscription and reorder offerings.

5 Star Nutrition offers sports, vitamin, and weight management products, and MegaFood is a purveyor of premium supplements. Both companies provide products that should be taken regularly for best results. It makes sense that they should look to a recurring revenue solution to ensure that customers’ supplements are delivered right to their door, on a personalized schedule that helps them stay on track with their health and wellness goals..

“Offering convenient, personalized shopping experiences is paramount as we look to grow our loyal customer base,” Mario Protano, Director of Direct-to-Consumer and Digital Marketing at MegaFood said. Similarly, Brian Marver, CEO at 5 Star Nutrition, noted that “Ordergroove understands the value we place on building trusted relationships with customers and offering them the flexibility they seek to achieve their health and fitness goals. We are excited to start this journey with Ordergroove to upgrade our subscription program and leverage their experience with both online and POS to further expand our omnichannel experience for our customers.”

When partnering with Ordergroove, brands have the opportunity to integrate with a number of uniquely helpful platforms. In these cases, 5 Star Nutrition is leveraging Ordergroove Essentials™ on Shopify Plus to advance their subscription program, and MegaFood is powering their programs with Ordergroove’s relationship commerce platform, built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

We’re looking forward to seeing how these programs develop, and to continue to monitor the effects of strong recurring revenue programs on this growing industry.