Among our latest customers to choose the Shopify Plus integration are leading skincare and wellness brand Perricone MD, and omnichannel supplement retailer 5 Star Nutrition.

Ordergroove’s platform is integrated directly into the Shopify Plus cart allowing for a seamless integrated checkout experience that directly improves subscription enrollment rates by 40% more than companies that have a separate checkout for subscriptions.

“The ability to combine subscription enrollment in our checkout experience was a major factor in our decision to proceed with the combined Shopify Plus and Ordergroove solution,” Craig Cockrum, COO of Perricone MD said. 

Not only does an integrated cart make it as seamless as possible to convert one-time customers to recurring consumers, but it strips brands of the burden of managing more than one product catalog.

We’re excited to bring this significant benefit to Shopify Plus customers and look forward to their realization of stronger customer LTV as a result.

Shopify Plus Subscription Solution

Learn more about how Ordergroove offers the only subscription solution with a single checkout experience for Shopify Plus merchants. PerriconeMDIntelligentsia Coffee4Ocean and more have eliminated the need for duplicate product catalogs and marketing promotions via Ordergroove’s integrated cart, and are maximizing their recurring revenue.