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As NRF 2019 winds its way into the history books, and thousands of retailers, technologists, marketers, and executives make their way out of the Javits Center and out into the surrounding streets of New York, we’re hard at work putting together the highlights from Day 3:

Brandless co-founder and CEO Tina Sharkey explained to a packed house why retail is all about relationships:

National Retail Federation


“Our brand is not about any product we sell, it’s about the relationships that are created.”
@brandless co-founder and CEO Tina Sharkey

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IBM’s Bridget Van Kralingen shared some stats about how customer experience is more important than products:

Claire Williams@AnalyticsClaire

65% of CEOs agree that trumps in – it’s all about the customer experience. @IBMindustries Bridget Van K on stage talking Trust in retail. @ibm @NRFBigShow

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Kroger’s CEO outlined the future of his company’s business, and how it will be focused on problem solving for the customer:

Ludovica Serpica@LSerpica

The future of , @kroger CEO Rodney McMullen said at @NRFBigShow, is about problem-solving for customers. Learn about how Kroger and IBM are working together to fix the food . 

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Cyril Bourgois of Groupe Casino neatly summed up some of the key reasons that relationship commerce matters:

Cyril Bourgois@CyrilBourgois

The main challenge retailers are facing is higher customers’ expectations, driven by two major trends: a shift towards the online , bringing disruptions in the shopping experience and a move from standardized consumption to personalized experience.

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Warby Parker’s Neil Blumenthal summarized a running theme of NRF2019 — that customer-centric companies are poised to win the next generation of consumers:

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“One thing we always do is go back to the customer to see how can we make this better for YOU.” – + Co-founder & Co-CEO @NeilBlumenthal on how @WarbyParker stays at the forefront of the eyeglass space.

Running theme of : Customer-centric companies THRIVE best!

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And finally (but most importantly, in our humble opinion), Ordergroove CEO Greg Alvo and former Vitamin Shoppe CEO Colin Watts discussed retail’s transformation into a recurring revenue business model at our Big Ideas session:


“Subscription customers tend to spend 2 times more than non-subscription, because we’re removing friction and increasing convenience” – @gregalvo

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“At @VitaminShoppe we realized we had high NPS, great relationships with customers, but we were losing them to marketplaces… Recognizing that we could develop recurring revenue programs with Ordergroove was our Aha! moment.” – Colin Watts

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“We went from concept, to bringing in @ordergroove , to market in just six months. I’m talking nationwide in each of our 750 stores. That’s how fast we had to move. You cannot sit by and wait on this.” – Colin Watts .

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