Highlights from Day 2 of NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show

When this many retailers, strategic planners, marketers, technologists, and a few robots are swarming the Jacob Javits Convention Center, it can mean only one thing — NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show has arrived. Check out some of the best moments from Day 2.

Hubert Joly, CEO and Chairman of Best Buy, highlighted the BOPIS success story.

Coresight Research@CoresightNews

40% online orders are picked up in store and growing. Because it’s so convenient, you can pick up in store in an hour. – Hubert Joly Chairman & CEO @BestBuy

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Here’s Target’s CEO Brian Cornell on the continued success of brick and mortar in a digital world.

Mike Cassidy


Eye-opening stat of the day (so far) from @NRFBigShow: 3 out of 4 of Target’s digital sales were fulfilled by a store — CEO Brian Cornell. @Target @NRFnews

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He was talking to a packed house.

NRF Big Show@NRFBigShow

.@Target CEO Brian Cornell packs the house during his fireside chat with NRF’s president and CEO Matthew Shay.

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Cornell also reaffirmed that consumers must always be top of mind.

NRF Foundation


.@Target CEO Brian Cornell: It doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small company, you need 4 keys to stay evolving:

1. Start with the consumer in every decision.

2. Invest in yourselves.

3. Reinvest in stores, tech, fulfillment and your teams.

4. Disrupt yourselves.

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Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen is similarly customer-driven.

National Retail Federation


“Retail will solve problems for the customer and be purpose driven.” @kroger CEO Rodney McMullen on retail’s future.

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And survey numbers bear that out.

Infor Retail@InforRetail

Retail priorities for 2019: Customer experience is still top of mind. @ihl_group @Infor

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McMullen also threw down the mantle against a few tech giants.

Hilary Milnes@hilarymilnes

Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen is coming for the ad industry at and says “we help get what they want when they want with immediate feedback” in regards to competing with Facebook and Google.

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How are you going to help those customers? JD.com’s Head of Robotics research has some ideas.



“Customers always demand more—faster and better. That’s why AI can help not only in the warehouse but in last mile delivery” Hui Cheng, head of robotics research in Silicon Valley for JD

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Kara Swisher dropped some knowledge.

National Retail Federation


“If you’re going to exist in a physical space, you want to have something else no one will have.” – @karaswisher

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And her podcasting partner-in-crime, Scott Galloway predicted the future (well, 2019 at least).

Heike Young 👩🏼‍🏫@YoungHeike

Hey, people of taking photos of @profgalloway‘s predictions slide: all the content in this @L2_Digital blog post. https://www.l2inc.com/daily-insights/no-mercy-no-malice/2019-predictions 

2019 Predictions

Scott reviews his predictions for 2018 and dispatches a new crop for the coming year.


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There were robots…

Evan Kirstel@evankirstel

The APPR – aka the autonomous product picking robot from @IAMRobotics at @NRFBigShow

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…Bloody Marys…


Looking for a liquid lunch? Come by booth 4455 and grab your Bloody Mary!

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…and food trucks.

Anne Riley Moffat@A_Riley17

“Food Truck Alley” is a brilliant alternative to Javits Center food in principle except that it’s negative 7 thousand degrees out. ❄️

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As well as Mark Ronson, apparently.

Commerce Cloud@CommerceCloud

🥁 Drumroll please… announcing super producer and DJ @MarkRonson will rock the Big Party. 🎧 https://sforce.co/2VGC1rK 

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And don’t miss our CEO Greg Alvo’s talk tomorrow.

Greg Alvo@gregalvo

Excited to talk Relationship Commerce and recurring revenue for retail at @NRFBigShow on Tuesday at 2:45pm!

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