All the news that’s fit to print from the frontlines of retail technology

Walmart’s new grocery offerings, skyrocketing Stitchfix stock shares, and coffee subscriptions with extra love added are just some of the retail headlines to watch out for.

1. Thank you for your (subscription) service

The coffee scene has a new contender. Victory Coffees is a coffee subscription service run by veterans. Customers’ cup of patriotic joe costs about $1/day — way less than a daily fancy latte will run you. The subscription itself is pretty straightforward — order whole beans, grounds, or single cup pods based on how many cups of java you drink per day, and wait for your caffeine to come to you. Former Navy SEAL Cade Courtley founded the company after reminiscing about how comforting and connecting warm cups of coffee were on the front, and a subscription service was the most personal way to bring that to others.

[Victory Coffees]

2. Shopify expands

Shopify Unite is always one of the most exciting retail conferences on the map, and this year lived up to expectations. We’re an official Shopify partner, so we might be a bit biased, but we think Unite is an amazing source of information for pretty much anyone who sells anything online. Among the announcements: a new payments feature that lets retailers buy and sell in multiple currencies; a suite of powerful tools for enterprise customers; and the brand new Shopify fulfillment network — which looks to compete directly with Amazon. Everything they unveiled has one underlying goal in mind: a stronger user experience for both consumers and businesses.

[Shopify Partners]

3. Delivering the goods

In its latest move to juice online sales, Walmart has introduced a delivery subscription service called Delivery Unlimited. The mega-retailer has already promised to cut down shipping time to model Amazon’s speedy delivery promises. For $98/year or$13/month, Walmart shoppers can get grocery delivery on orders of more than $30. The company is offering a 15-day free trial to hopefully get customers on board.

[Digital Trends]

4. Stock market stitch fixation

It was a great quarter for clothing subscription pioneer StitchFix, which saw a 27% increase in stock shares after shattering their quarterly sales forecast. Revenue for last quarter came to $409 million, an impressive 3% above Wall Street analyst expectations. It’s yet another of how a subscription-based business that’s shattering expectations, and redefining what it means to be a consumer-focused company.

[Business Insider]

5. Oh say can you GNC

Allow us a small bit of self-promotion, but Chain Store Age has the story of how our long-time client GNC is using Ordergroove to launch a new omni-channel subscription service. The new program enables customers to enroll and use subscriptions both online and in stores, and GNC hopes it will help convert one-time store-shoppers into loyal subscribers. “The ability to offer an omnichannel subscription service through our partnership with Ordergroove has quickly gained traction and has been of tremendous value to our business,” said Tricia Tolivar, CFO at GNC. We’re not blushing, you are.

[Chain Store Age]