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The global apparel market is mammoth: $1.69 trillion (USD) in 2016 to be exact.1 It’s a huge pie, with thousands of hungry players angling for a slice. Established apparel brands not only contend with traditional competitors, they’re constantly looking over their shoulder to see the footsteps of scrappy startups ready to disrupt established business models. And did we mention Amazon?

Against this backdrop, it’s harder than ever to gain the attention and loyalty of apparel consumers. There’s a very good chance that what worked just 18 months ago may not work today.

And that’s why SalesForce Commerce Cloud created this report. They've outlined what is happening in apparel digital commerce today including benchmarks that allow retailers to gauge their performance, as well as hot topics and case studies from two innovative apparel retailers. Simply put, this report equips apparel retailers with global data and retail success stories to inform their next investment or step.

"We're seeing an emerging interest among apparel companies to look beyond “boxes” and broaden their scope for how subscriptions can better engage their best customers across all channels, moving from a transactional approach to one that builds relationships with their most valuable customers”, says Greg Alvo, CEO and founder of OrderGroove, the leader in relationship commerce. “Having apparel merchandise available on subscription locks in recurring revenue versus a one-time purchase. This is a tremendous opportunity to grow share of wallet and lock in customer loyalty."

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