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How 5 Star Nutrition Brings a Touch of Hospitality to Fitness

Everybody seems to be launching a nutrition brand — from Instagram influencers to Mark Wahlberg. But that hasn’t stopped 5 Star Nutrition from it’s meteoric rise to serve over X0K customers around the U.S. Launched in 2009, the company is focused on solving all sports nutrition, weight loss, health and wellness needs by combining premium products with personalized service. The company’s mission is simple: to deliver outstanding results for their customers.

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Customer-centric philosophy makes the in-store experience a huge differentiator.

Patrons each get a free in-store body scan and a custom plan tailored to each participant’s goals. Associates and managers know their customers by name, and help them determine the best ongoing supplements for their evolving body types. It even takes that hospitality to social media, where the company recently launched a Worth The Weight Challenge in August — a free, four-week program where each participant earned $5 for every percent body fat they lose.

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By the Numbers


of total eCommerce revenue comes from subscriptions


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in GMV from March 2020 to August 2020


in recurring revenue from March 2020 to August 2020

However, their customer subscription program has become the biggest win for the company to-date. When Ordergroove integrated 5 Star’s Shopify Plus platform with our Relationship Commerce Cloud, the marketing team was able to significantly increase their promotional flexibility and improve control over the subscriber’s journey. Naturally, 5 Star brought its hospitality to eCommerce, offering 10% off initial subscription orders, 10% off all recurring orders and free shipping sitewide.

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“Ordergroove makes subscription enrollment so frictionless for the customer with SMS and email. Once we understand which consumers are displaying the behavior that makes them perfect candidates for enrollment, we can throw them an easy layup to encourage them to subscribe and save. It’s a win-win,”

– Jared LaMantia, CMO of 5 Star Nutrition.

Subscription sales now make up 30% of eCommerce revenue

Subscription sales now make up 30% of overall eCommerce revenue, which also helps to increase in-store revenue. Total subscriptions have increased more than 60% in the first seven months of the program and subscribers average two subscriptions per person. What’s been unique to 5 Star’s success is their ability to target consumers who are most likely to stick with their particular brand of protein shakes or pre-workout boosts — and those consumers are now benefiting from significant subscribers discount and free delivery.

5 Star is utilizing Ordergroove’s Instant Upsell to make it simple for consumers to add new products into their subscriptions. Upon implementation, subscriber AOV increased by an average of 18%.

Ordergroove has not only increased recurring revenue for 5 Star, but has also saved them valuable program administration time. The team no longer has to replicate cumbersome coupon codes for Shopify as well as for other software vendors. “It’s those small but crucial details that set Ordergroove apart. From an operational standpoint, Ordergroove has reduced hundreds of hours of time for our staff so far. It’s been a life-saver,” added Jared.

Inside 5 Star Nutrition’s Commerce Stack:

eCommerce platform:

Shopify Plus

Additional tech providers:

Ordergroove, Klaviyo

Channels Promoting Subscriptions:

Website, Email, SMS (being implemented)

Ordergroove Key Features:

Instant Upsell